Gina has been a student of the visual arts for over 20 years, studying and observing great artists. In addition to her artistic training, she has a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from Georgian Court College in New Jersey.

After her graduation in May of 2001, Gina began applying for jobs in the graphic design world in Central New Jersey. Unfortunately, after the events of September 11th, she decided that it would be better to keep her job search more local since the tri-state area was coping with such loss. By the third phone call, she found someone interested in a “newbie,” who was ready to work and gain on the job training.

After paying her dues, Gina realized that she was craving the West: specifically, the small Colorado mountain town where she had worked during the summer while in college. After arriving for a visit to Silverton, in the summer of 2002, she heard a local magazine was hiring. By the end of the day, Gina had called her folks back East and told them her two-week vacation was now permanent.

Gina’s job with San Juan Publishing Group allowed her to perfect her display advertisement skills as Art Director working on several publications showcasing Southwestern Colorado. She also realized many local business owners had more detailed design needs. She teamed with another local designer creating brochures, rack cards, trade show booths, and other advertising materials.

In 2004, Gina branched out on her own, bringing knowledge and quality design to her clients. In 2009, Gina was approached to also work with The Silverton Standard and the Miner Newspaper which had been continuously published since 1875 and was on the brink of closing. As the Advertising Director and Office Manager, she helped the newspaper make a turn and begin to thrive.

After a family loss in 2010, Gina decided to explore new retail ground in Silverton. The Route 550 Gifts storefront opened in May of 2011, specializing in whimsically designed local souvenirs.

In 2017, Gina had a baby and moved her shop into a new retail location just down the block that offered sales support, so Gina could spend time raising her daughter.

You can now find her at 1234 Greene Street inside Outdoor World.